4 great presents for nurses

Getting a new gift for your nurse friend or family member can be a challenge in itself, and that’s due to the fact that the market is now overflowing with alternatives. You have to think of the usefulness of the item and decide whether it will make the gift recipient’s life easier or not.

Of course, your choice also has to rely on the nurse’s expertise. Most student nurses will benefit from using simple gadgets and devices that will allow them to do their job in a timely fashion. However, experienced professionals will most likely appreciate more complicated pieces of equipment.

Without further ado, we have put together a list of some of the nicest types of nurse gadgets you can find today. Check them out below.

A voice recorder

It’s often that, as a nurse, one needs to jot down the symptoms expressed by the patient. But this can be somewhat complicated because people tend to speak a lot and tell nurses many things. A person can’t simply write down as quickly as one other person talks.

A voice recorder can come in handy for those moments when nurses need to be sure that they’ve heard the patient correctly or when they have to fact-check whatever that individual might have said about how he or she is feeling.

Some of the models available out there nowadays are surprisingly user-friendly, but the most important features you need to look at if this type of device is what you want to purchase are its internal memory and battery runtime. The bigger the memory, the more conversations will the nurse be capable of recording.


Although this is just one kind of product and not a category in itself, it’s undoubtedly worth mentioning. Why’s that? In actuality, otoscopes can be used for a variety of applications other than examining the patient’s ear.

Some can be used as ophthalmoscopes, too, and with others, you can simply remove the specula or the head and use it as a regular flashlight for times when you’ve lost your keys somewhere particularly narrow.

An infrared thermometer

Nothing beats an infrared thermometer when it comes to convenience and efficiency, and that’s because the temperature can be noted in as little time as possible and with minimal discomfort on the part of the patient.

With some traditional thermometers, you need to stick them into various body areas, and the whole experience is entirely unpleasant. For example, rectal thermometers are recommended for babies because the temperature value needs to be as precise as possible. However, anyone can tell that this is not an experience to look forward to. Infrared thermometers provide fast and convenient readings and usually have reasonable accuracy levels.

A mug warmer

There are times in a nurse’s life when emergencies keep showing up, and there are times for sitting down and having a talk with his or her colleagues. Even when the nurse is on the run, it’s reassuring to know that a hot cup of tea or coffee will be waiting for him or her when he or she gets back into the office. And that’s where the mug warmer comes in handy.