4 Key Features You Want in a Sprayer

You may be the type who prefers to take care of projects on your own. Maybe you are a professional looking to replace some older equipment with something new. Whatever your situation, there is a sprayer out there that’s right for you. As you compare different brands, make sure that the one you choose provides these important benefits.

Excellent Control for Coverage

The sprayer that’s right for you must provide excellent control. That means the design should allow you to direct the spray exactly where it needs to go. You should have no trouble holding the device and the ability to stop and start the stream must respond to your touch without the need to apply too much pressure. It will help if the sprayer is easy to move in position even when you have tight spots that need painting. Something along the lines of the Probler P2 is definitely worth considering.

Simple Maintenance

You understand that the upkeep and maintenance on any sprayer will determine how efficiently the equipment works as the years pass. While you are happy to clean the sprayer and make sure all the parts are working properly, it would be nice to invest in one that is easy to maintain. When you look at different brands and models, be sure to read consumer reviews that provide some idea of how much maintenance is required. You are sure to find at least a few models that will work just fine with a minimum amount of upkeep.

Plenty of Accessories

Not all jobs are the same. There are times when the ability to use an attachment or some type of accessory will make the project much easier. The thing to remember is that some sprayers will work well with all sorts of attachments while others are not so versatile. Whether you will be using the sprayer regularly or just once in a great while, don’t limit yourself. Go with a design like one of the Graco spray products and you will have plenty of accessories that work just fine.


The last thing you want to do is spend good money for a sprayer only to have it wear out after a few projects. As you compare brands and models, find out what the average life is for a particular design. You also want to see what you can find out in terms of how often the equipment needs replacement parts. The goal is to make sure the sprayer will last long enough to justify the cost and not spend more time in the repair shop that it does in active use. If you have any doubts, take that as a sign to keep looking.

Choosing the best sprayer will take a little time and effort. Make a list of the features that the new equipment must possess and don’t settle for anything with lesser qualities. In the long run, you will be able to manage each of your projects more efficiently.