4 Serious Advantages of Owning at Least One Narrow Aisle Forklift

Owners of warehouses and manufacturing facilities understand the wisdom of owning several forklifts. The ones who really get the process know that having different types of lifts on the premises makes it easier for employees to manage their responsibilities with greater efficiency. If you don’t currently own a narrow aisle forklift, now is the time to think about investing in one. Here are four of the perks that come with having one of these lifts on hand.

Greater Safety in Tight Spaces

Your larger lifts are great for loading and unloading trucks pulled to the dock, but what about inside the plant and the warehouse? Do the drivers sometimes have to take extra time to place a flat of raw materials near one of the production lines? Perhaps there are areas of the warehouse where excess materials are stored because there is no room elsewhere.

Getting into tight spaces can be more difficult and less safe. Along with the potential of damaging the raw or finished goods, attempting to fit the larger lift in a tighter space poses a potential danger to the driver. When you have one or more narrow aisle forklifts for those tasks, the job will be much safer and easier.

Simplify Materials Handling

The smaller lift does more than fit into tight spaces. It also makes the process of moving materials more efficient. While the larger lifts are being used on the loading dock, the smaller lift can be used to haul raw materials to the plant floor or transport finished goods to the warehouse. On busy shipping days, there is no need for things to pile up waiting for a lift to be free.

You’ll also find that the smaller lift can come in handy on the loading dock too. When a freight line arrives to pick up a customer order that only takes up a quarter or half of the trailer, it may be a good idea to use the smaller lift to load the goods. While the smaller order is being loaded, the larger lifts can be employed to load an order that will fill an entire trailer.

Cost Effective Operation

Narrow aisle lifts don’t require as much fuel and fluids to operate as larger lifts. That makes them perfect for certain jobs around the facility. You will also find that they hold up well to constant use. Even the initial purchase price is more favorable. That allows you to recoup your investment in the lift sooner rather than later.

More Efficient Use of Square Footage

Your warehouse is organized into rows, but there is still some space here and there that remains unused. That’s because your larger lifts won’t fit even with careful maneuvering. Not being able to use that space efficiently isn’t a big problem when the inventory is low, but it becomes a real issue when you must find more storage space. The narrow aisle lift will help you place finished goods in those spots and even make it easier to align the pallets properly.

If you have never seen a narrow aisle lift in action, now is the time to visit one of the forklift dealers and learn more about this valuable equipment. It won’t take long to identify several ways you can put it to good use.