4 Things to Consider Before You Remodel Your Shower Room

With a shower room or small bathroom it may seem like you have limited options for a remodel. But you can actually make a number of changes that will really make a difference to the entire room. If you are interested in a shower room makeover or a small bathroom revamp, take a look at the following points before you begin.

1. Your Overall Budget

You probably won’t have an unlimited budget for your shower room upgrade. Unfortunately a complete upgrade including new bathroom fittings is not cheap, but it can be affordable when you shop at the right places. Make sure you have a good idea of your budget before you start shopping around. You may have to prioritise one thing over another, so also have an idea of what is most important to you in a bathroom.

2. Fittings For Small Rooms

In a shower room or small bathroom you obviously do not have masses of space to play with. But you will find a number of Shower Cubicles that are ideally suited to a more compact space. In fact, upgrading your shower cubicle helps to transform the overall look of the room and it may even seem like you have more space. In a small bathroom you may want to take the bathtub out in favour of a space-saving shower so that you have more room for a basin and some space for moving around.

3. Safety Considerations

If you have small children or elderly relatives you need to consider them as you redesign your shower room or bathroom. Also think about future needs if you anticipate further ahead you won’t have to remodel again for a few years. Consider safety features like grip bars and non-slip surfaces, as well as shower seats.

4. Beautiful Lighting

It is vitally important to have great lighting, particularly in a small space like a shower room where you may not have any natural light. You need powerful lights to see when you are using the mirror, and also the option to dim the lights when you want to relax in the evening in the bath or shower. If you do have some natural light coming in try to maximise it by enlarging the skylight, for instance, or adding an extra window. Natural light in a bathroom in the daytime is a lovely addition to the overall look and comfort of the room.

Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net