4 Tips to Maintaining Log Cabins

If you want to build a log cabin home but the thoughts of its durability and being unsafe are keeping you back, here is a fact for you- when built with the correct technology and designed well, your log cabin will be durable enough to withstand even powerful earthquakes. It would still, however, be advisable for you to take some precautions and keep a few things in mind, before you embark upon the task of building a log home.
The Surroundings of your Log House
In case your log home is situated in a forested or wooded area, like most of them usually are, you will need to clear the area around it of foliage, fallen leaves or dry vegetation. You could even try building a small waterway around your house, quite like the moat around old forts and castles. Both these measures will help ensure that your log house i.e. log cabin remains safe, in case of a forest fire. The waterway idea is not always feasible due to paucity of water or distance from the water source. In such a scenario, you could simply have a clearing or a clean area around your home- a strip of land bare of vegetation or protected with fire resistant fences or full of fire resistant plants (Yes, fire resistant plants are an actual thing).

Take Necessary Precautions:
Besides the rudimentary step of having a clean area around your log cabin, there are certain other precautions that you must follow that will help you prevent a fire. Here are some of these-

  • Keep all gasoline, petroleum and other inflammable materials away from your log home
  • Be especially cautious while cooking or lighting a fire in the fireplace or for other purposes.
  • Make sure that the wiring of the place can take the load of your electrical appliances. Maintain heating appliances and other devices properly. Short circuiting or sparking may prove to be dangerous.
  • Always plan your home in such a way that there is a way of easy escape during a fire. A fire exit is a must in all log cabins.
  • Lastly, make sure that your cabin is easily accessible to the nearest fire fighting station, just in case a fire does break out.

Water Infiltration
Stains due to water infiltration, is one problem that you may face in your log home. This infiltration takes place mostly through the roof and walls through which the support beams run. Water will seep through the walls if the support beams are not sealed correctly and properly. This seepage in turn will cause rot, insect infestation and damage to the structure. Check the mantles and fireplaces as these are probable spots where leaks can occur.Since logs move due to pressure, leaks are a common occurrence. One of the ways of testing the extent of damage that has already taken place is with an ice pick.

The Exterior and the Interior of Log house
The interior of the log cabin is very important and must be designed well. However, the exterior is even more so. It should be so made up that it can withstand tough weather conditions. Pressure cleaning of the exterior with water and oxalic acid will remove mildew and moulds. The pressure should be adjusted according to how old the log house is.

So, are you excited to own a log cabin? It can indeed be a great place to relax and spend time in, provided that it is safe and well planned.