5 Important Home Repair Dos & Don’ts

Homes often require a little additional TLC. Whether it is a major overhaul, repairs from daily wear and tear over the years or a home improvement project you want to do to spruce things up, odds are repairs will crop up either before you begin to live there or somewhere along the journey of home ownership. Many home owners opt to go the DIY or do it yourself route when it comes to home repairs and renovations and while that may be a more prudent and cost effective mode some times, it can often lead to huge costly disasters.

If you own homes in Indore or an apartment in Indiana, home repair tips abound. Here are some basic dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind –

Don’t overlook your safety – This has to be the number 1 priority when it comes to home repair projects. Depending on what kind of project you are planning to undertake make sure you follow all necessary safety precautions and wear the appropriate safety gear. Protective goggles, gloves and the like are simple measures. When working with major systems like the electrical systems, water system, heating system and other such aspects make sure you switch off all main power outlets before starting. When working on the roof ensure that you have a spotter or someone around to keep a check. If you are doing any kind of home renovation or repair outdoors in the heat, keep as out of the sun as possible and keep yourself hydrated. Don’t scrimp on safety!

Do know when to call the professionals – Sometimes certain home repair jobs are best left to the professionals. Major repair work especially when it comes to plumbing and electrical systems can cost a huge bomb when done badly. The damage can be worse than you thought and any previous thought about saving pennies by doing the work yourself goes flying out the window. When calling a professional make sure you hire the right man for the job. Again be sure of professional references and hire someone with adequate experience, even if it means shelling out a little extra.

Don’t forget about prepping  – When doing projects at home it is easy to be enthusiastic and jump straight into the activity and often you can create a big mess or have the results look even more haphazard than it was previously.  Read up on the job throughly if you don’t have any experience doing it before and find out what all it entails for example applying primer before you pain your wall or knowing what to lay down on the floor before you place the linoleum. Prep work is essential to get the best results and do the job most effectively, making sure the results last for as long as they are intended to. Also when working on any kind of home job make sure you clear the area beforehand so that you have room to work as well as save your belongings from any damage.

Do check about about local codes – Many areas as well as buildings or residential complexes have certain codes that you have to be mindful off. Check what rules and regulations must be followed as well as if you require any permits to do the work at hand. Some codes and policies also specify certain inspections and safety criteria that need to be fulfilled.

Do factor in changes in expenses – One of the most important parts to remember about any kind of home repair or renovation is that the budget needs to be a little flexible. Factor in unexpected expenses just in case you haven’t been able to gauge the true nature and extent of the work involved. Keep a little buffer.

Bio –

Tarini Shah is a freelance writer with a passion for interior design. She has worked on several homes in Indore and chronicles her experiences on her blog. When not at work you will find her pouring over home décor & design magazines.