5 Important Things to Do Before Placing Your Car in Storage

Now that you’ve made the decision to store your car or truck for a few months, it’s time to prepare the vehicle. While the storage facility you choose provides excellent housing, making sure to do these five things before you drive the car into the compartment will mean less work when you are ready to start using the car again. Best of all, you can manage all these tasks with only a little time and effort.

Wash and Detail the Car

Whether you do the job yourself or take the car to professionals, the body and the interior need to be cleaned and detailed. Your goal is to make sure there is nothing lingering on the body that could mar the paint job while the car is in storage. Cleaning the interior will ensure nothing is left hidden under a seat or stuffed into a glove compartment that could create an unpleasant odor. This one task will keep the car looking and smelling clean throughout the storage period.

Invest in a Car Cover

Even indoor storage compartments do not completely block dust. Invest in a car cover that fits your vehicle perfectly. cover should completely cover the front grill and the back all the way down to the tires. Opt for material that will not slip and can be secured with ties or bands. Between the cover and the protection provided at the website of Winnipeg self-storage facility, you can expect the vehicle to look great when you retrieve it.

Change the Oil and Filter

Many experts recommend omitting this task if you are only going to store the car for 30 days. Since your plan is to have the car in storage for three months or more, go ahead and have the oil and filter changed. Fresh oil will be free of the contaminants that build up in old oil and could settle during the months while the car is in storage.

Fill the Fuel Tank

You may wonder why the fuel tank should be full while the car is in storage. It’s not about having plenty of fuel when you are ready to start using the car again. Instead, it’s about making sure condensation does not build up in the tank during those months of storage. If it is full of fuel, there is also less chance for the seals to dry out. You may also want to add some sort of fuel stabilizer to the tank, since that product will minimize any chances of ethanol buildup during those three months of storage.

Make a Decision About the Battery

There is more than one way to go about making sure the battery is preserved. One approach is to arrange for someone to take the car out and drive it for 15 or so minutes every couple of weeks. If that’s not feasible, you could disconnect the negative cable attached to the battery. Keep in mind that you will lose the settings on your sound system if the cable is disconnected. You could also think about purchasing what is known as a trickle charger. This works fine if the

car storage Winnipeg includes an outlet in the compartment. You can plug in the charger, attach it to the battery, and the device will supply small amounts of power that prevent the battery from running down. Preparing a car for storage is not difficult, but it does require paying attention to a few details. Take your time, make sure nothing is overlooked, and your car will be ready for use when you are reading to start driving it again.