7 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

As many quickly find, it’s easy not to update your home with the latest trends and fashions. And while some things are only relevant for a short duration (say for just several years), there are things you can do to update your home and make it extremely attractive. These will help your home gain value—especially great if you ever want to put your home on the housing market.

But what things should you potentially do to increase your home value? Here a several tips:

  1. Have a Professional Evaluate your Home

When looking to update your home, it’s difficult to know where to start the process. And sometimes you don’t even know what’s in fashion or in demand. Do you go for the latest trends or go for updates that will stand the test of time? This is where a realtor or a home designer can help. Both can come to your home, take a look around and give pointers on what you could do to make your home more desirable. One thing to note is that a realtor will do this type of service for free, whereas a home designer will charge for doing a home consultation (expect to pay $100 or less). Their perspectives can lead you in the right direction, providing you guidance on what you should do throughout your home.


2) Paint Rooms for a Fresher Feel

One thing that quickly spruces up a room is a fresh coat of paint. Select colors that go well with your natural lighting (i.e.: don’t select darker colors for rooms without a lot of natural lighting). Neutral colors throughout the house are a safe bet anytime you decide to put your home for sale. If you simply want to enjoy some new colors for yourself, consider doing some accent walls to give your room a “pop”.


3) Provide Energy-Efficient Upgrades

If you have an older home in particular, you probably still have some older appliances that consume more energy than many of today’s newer models. It’s a good idea to make a transition to greener living—no one likes to consume wasted energy. Consuming wasted energy directly impacts energy bills—and no one wants to be paying more than they need to. One way of consuming less is to look for products that have an Energy Star seal of approval. From microwaves, refrigerators, etc., these newer appliances can quickly give your home a more modern appearance while providing energy-efficiency. Energy-Efficient products are also likely to keep your home safe from things such as household fires, since they consume less energy.

In addition to Energy Star certified products, you can also invest in smart technology—things like the Nest Learning Thermostat help you remotely adjust the thermostat from anywhere, giving you the power to allocate your energy usage despite your own location.

5) Update Light Fixtures

Everyone has seen those older light fixtures that were probably installed when the home was first built. Believe it or not, it’s simple to change a light fixture with a newer one. A simple handyman can change it out in a matter of minutes, giving your home a much needed (and quick) modern look.


6) Update the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an essential part of any house. Any updates to them can significantly impact a home’s value. You can do things such as install new faucets, put new vanity mirrors and even replace standard linoleum flooring for some luxury vinyl or tile.


7) Give your Kitchen An Upgrade

Kitchens are a fundamentally significant room to any house. The more you can update this room, the better. You can start off with doing smaller updates (install new overhead lighting, putting a new faucet) to doing larger things such as putting in new countertops, floors and cabinets.