Affordable & Hassle-Free Redecorating Ideas For The Bathroom

Some rooms are harder to renovate on a budget than others. Thanks to its complex plumbing and fixtures, the bathroom is one of them. Many DIY remodelers let this room go untouched as they upgrade the rest of the house, believing that any change to this space will cost a lot of money. While many of the biggest upgrades promise a huge price tag, you don’t always need to start from scratch to make your bathroom look new again. You can cut down on your expenses by keeping your redecorating plans to the following small yet effective changes.

Paint the walls

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to change any space is with a fresh lick of paint. A new color can alter your perception of the room. Bright neutrals reflect light in a way that can make cramped spaces look bigger. Darker colors absorb light to make larger spaces feel more intimate.

Safe colors like beige and cream have long since been popular in this area of the home, and they’re easy to accessorize with pops of color in bright towels or accessories. These timeless colors are also flattering to your skin tone in a way that won’t make you look older than you are. Don’t, however, be afraid to experiment with a bright color. This is your bathroom, after all. Whatever you choose, make sure the paint is made for the bathroom, as this room sees more humidity than other areas of the home.

Update its light fixtures

Old-fashioned light fixtures original to the home can date your bathroom quickly. They can also cast murky or unflattering light as you floss, shave, or wash in front of the mirror. Luckily, updating them is simple and inexpensive. For the smallest budgets, even changing a fluorescent bulb to a soft white or daylight bulb can totally alter your space by creating much more flattering lighting. For larger budgets, you can shop for fixtures like hanging pendants and light bars to change the look of this room. If your budget is somewhere in between small and large, consider following these financial resources to loosen up some additional cash, so you can have more money to spend on brand new lighting.

Upgrade outdated accessories

Though you may think of the toilet, sink, and shower as the heavy-hitting hardware in your bathroom, these aren’t the only fixtures in this room. From doorknobs and cabinet hooks to shower curtains and towels, there are a lot of accessories that are begging for change. These items are an inexpensive opportunity to do something trendy and different with your space, so think about ways you can update floor mats, towel bars, and other accessories in a way that flatters your new wall color and light fixtures.

A total renovation that includes new tiles, new appliances, and plumbing upgrades may be out of your budget, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an old-fashioned bathroom that you dread using. You can embrace change on a relatively small budget by directing your redecorating focus on your walls, lighting, and accessories. Take advantage of these tips and happy renovating!