An Overview of the Rancho Santa Fe Real Estate Market

Rancho Santa Fe is a northwestern suburb of San Diego, California. It is west in Encinitas and quite a ways south of Camp Pendelton. It is further inland from Solana Beach and Encinitas. However, it is still in San Diego County. The area saw rapid growth after World War II. Today, it is a luxury real estate market and home to around 2500 people. The small town has become a safe, upper class enclave.


The average Rancho Santa Fe home costs a little over three million dollars. This includes everything from the few affordable homes in the market to luxury homes. And the Rancho Santa Fe market has quite a few luxury homes. That’s demonstrated by the fact that the median home has between seven and eight thousand square feet, while the median price per square foot is between $650 and $750. The median listing price is roughly six million dollars. You can glean from this that the Rancho Santa Fe real estate market is dominated by luxury homes. This notion is reinforced by Census data that shows that the average household income is over two hundred thousand dollars a year. And there’s the fact that Rancho Santa Fe periodically makes the list of the most expensive neighborhoods in California. It isn’t hard to make the list of the most expensive city in the country when one of the 80-to-100-million-dollar estates sell.


Are there traditional single family suburban homes? The answer is yes. Large conventional single-family homes will cost you more than one million dollars. Think four-bedroom, three bath, two thousand square feet houses. You’ll pay closer to $650 a square foot, whereas luxury homes in the mountains may command $750 a square foot or more. You also pay a premium to be near the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club. We would recommend working with a Rancho Santa Fe real estate agent to find the right property for you. The $500K houses and small starter homes are hard to find without professional assistance.


Given the high cost of Rancho Santa Fe real estate, you’ll find a large number of full-sized condos. For example, this area is unusual for having two thousand to three thousand square foot condos. These properties have as much indoor space as a large single family detached home. However, most residences are single family. Roughly eighty percent of properties are owner-occupied single-family homes. About a third of these are owned without a mortgage. The average home owned mortgage-free is worth around two million dollars. However, a lot of these homes were paid off years ago. This area has an older than average population, and less than a third of households have children. And if you bought the home for half a million dollars thirty years ago, you’ve paid it off and now enjoy a massive amount of home equity. The challenge is finding a home here. Only around eight percent of residents move in a given year. And there are almost no new homes built here.


The neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe is heavily built-up. The median year of construction of the existing housing stock is 1976. Of the 1200 housing units in Rancho Santa Fe, only 21 were built after 2010. Most were built between 1950 and 1999.