Benefits of Apartment Rentals Over Hotels in Edinburgh

Are you planning on a vacation to Edinburgh? This is one of the most visited cities in Europe. It’s hilly landscape and romantic atmosphere provide an elegant place to go for a family trip, holiday or romantic vacation. Have you thought of where you will stay while on vacation? Edinburgh is popularly known for its luxury rental apartments and 5-star hotels. Although both options have their advantages, it is of more benefit to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. Here are some of the reasons why renting an apartment is better than staying in a hotel while on vacation.


When staying in a hotel, your privacy is limited as you have to deal with hotel attendants in your hotel room. They will clean your room and make your bed each and every day. This is different from renting an apartment. Living in a rental apartment is similar to living in your own home. Once you have booked an apartment, the premises are fully yours until the last day of your stay. You have your own living room, toilet, bath and kitchen.


The comfort of staying in an apartment is similar to that of your home. Unlike living in a hotel, an apartment is more spacious and cool. You can hang out in the living room watching TV or stay on the balcony enjoying the beautiful scenery of Edinburgh.

Lower costs

In some cases, it may be cheaper to stay in a hotel than rent an apartment. However, think of a vacation where you are travelling with your family, friends or colleagues. Imagine every person booking a hotel room. This is much more expensive compared to booking one or two rental apartments for the entire group. There are Edinburgh apartments for rent with up to 4 bedrooms.

Special amenities

In terms of amenities, apartments have special amenities compared to hotel rooms. In an apartment, apart from the usual Wi-Fi, shower/bath and TV, you are typically provided with a washer, dryer and iron, and full cooking facilities. You can also choose your own food as you have a fully furnished kitchen.

Nicer location

Many hotels are located in areas which are congested, noisy and polluted. You won’t enjoy a quiet place while living in a busy environment. Rental apartments in Edinburgh are strategically positioned in quiet and spacious locations. From the apartments, you can comfortably drive to the major tourist attractions.

The next time you are planning a vacation, make sure that you book a rental apartment. These apartments can be booked online. Don’t just go on vacation; have a private and romantic vacation by staying in a rental apartment.