Choosing the Perfect Front Door

The most important door in the house is the front door. It protects the house from unauthorized entry, provides a means to enter and exit the house and creates an impression to visitors and passersby. The front door welcomes owners and guests into the house and when carefully selected, makes for a grand entrance.

When looking for a front door for your home, it is important to select the door carefully. You have to make an informed choice to ensure that you select the perfect one for your needs. If you want to make a grand impression, you can have a front door that has an ornate design that matches the architecture of your home. For a practical approach, you can select an energy efficient front door made of superior materials with a simple design. If you are confused about the type of door to buy, you must first be oriented about the different types of doors available in the market today.


Generally, doors are categorized by the number of leaves it has and the type of mechanism it uses to open and close.

Single-leaf – A door that has only one rigid panel and fills the entire doorway is a single-leaf. It is the most common type used for interior and exterior applications. Single-leaf doors are hinged on one side and open on the other.

Double-leaf – A pair of adjacent, independent panels that are hinged on the doorway. The double-leaf is often used as front doors, but are also found in interior applications for larger homes or buildings.

Hinged doors – Most doors are hinged on one side to allow the doors to pivot. The other side is not hinged but can be installed with a locking mechanism, such as a knob, for security reasons. Samples of doors that are hinged are flush doors, French doors, swing doors, and Dutch doors.

Sliding doors – Patio doors belong to the sliding category. Sliding glass doors are common for backyards and commercial buildings. Pocket doors are also sliding doors that slide between two wall panels and bypass doors slide on both sides and overlap each other.

Rotating doors – Mostly found in commercial buildings and public places, rotating doors enable people to simultaneously walk through the door. Revolving doors often have four wings or leaf that rotate in one direction and about a vertical axis. Butterfly doors are also a type of rotating door that have two ‘wings’ that open in one direction as well.

Knowing about the different types of doors will help you in your search for the perfect front door. It helps to be able to hold a conversation with your builder and understand what he or she is talking about. Take a look at NT Window for more information.