Your Complete Guide to Selecting the Best Flat to Rent

There may be many flats to rent nowadays in different areas such as Colchester, Hornchurch, Upminster, and more, but before choosing a flat, there are certain guidelines it would be better for you to follow. So how do you go about choosing the ideal flat for your needs? Here’s your complete guide to selecting the best flat to rent.

List down your priorities

Before checking for flats in an area, first make a list of your priorities. What do you require? Are you aiming for two to three bedrooms, a low rental cost, a good neighbourhood? Are you looking for good maintenance and management, or great amenities? How big do you need the flat to be? How about the appearance of the flat, both inside and out? Do you require a good location and proximity to your work, to shopping establishments, and to public transport? Make a list of your requirements and then go on from there.

Make an appointment

Once you have made your list, it’s time to do your research on the available flats in the area. For this, seek help from established estate agents specialising in the area you are interested in, such as Beresfords, which specialise in flats to rent in Colchester and the nearby environs. Set an appointment with the estate agent when you can view the flats, and, if possible, dedicate a few hours to it so you can view each flat properly.

When viewing a flat

  • The outside

When viewing a flat to rent, there are some aspects you should look out for. Take a good look at the exteriors. Is the landscaping of the building neat and well-maintained? Are the hedges and lawns trimmed? How about the neighbours’ flats? If you see some rubbish on the front doors or balconies, hear loud noises, or see flats which don’t look too clean or well-kept, these are potential red flags.

  • The inside

Of course, when taking a look at the inside of the flat, there are some things you should also watch out for. When entering the flat, does it have a funny smell? Make an inspection of all the rooms and whatever fixtures or fittings are in those rooms, including cabinets and cupboards, door handles, lights, taps, and toilets. Check the provisions for heating and water, and make sure to check the walls or ceilings for any signs of leaks or mould buildup.

When your inspection of the flat is done, it’s time to ask any other questions you may find pertinent, such as the schedule of rubbish pickup, the available parking, and more. This may also be a good time to negotiate with the estate agent regarding the price, especially if you see any problems or issues which don’t agree with your expectations. Happy flat hunting, and good luck!