Design Trends in French Doors

For many years, French doors have been a focal point in homes throughout the Western world. These classic light-admitting door systems provide glamour, smooth traffic flow, and elegance in both interior and exterior applications.

Just as with many hot design trends in the homebuilding industry, French doors have seen their share of changes in recent years. New materials and designs, new applications, and new considerations for energy efficiency are some of the many aspects in modern French doors, making them ideal for luxury home improvement projects and new construction alike.

What are French Doors?

Usually found in matched pairs, French doors are door systems that consist of a frame surrounding single or multiple panes of glass. The glass panes are referred to as “lights”. French doors have been around for hundreds of years and were used in country estates and residences for the world’s luminaries, but it was only at the dawn of the 20th century that they began to be commonly found in western homes. French doors are typically installed as a pair of matching panels, but can also be found in single or multiple panel configurations. In addition to the window panes contained in each door panel, glass sidelights and transoms can often be found installed around the doors. French doors allow natural sunlight to brighten any room, and these doors offer a classic look and incredible functionality wherever they are used.

French Door Trends

French doors are used in both interior and exterior applications. In home interiors, French doors have been used to separate living rooms and sitting areas in the home throughout the 20th century. Some of the earliest exterior applications of these classic door systems found them as entrances to homes, or perhaps as glamorous entryways onto a second-floor balcony or veranda. While those applications still hold sway in the homebuilding and home design industries, new installation trends tend to favor French doors as a way to blur indoor and outdoor boundaries. French doors provide an airy, sunny solution when installed as a door system leading between home and patio. With the emphasis on expanding living spaces to the exterior of the home, French doors are a great way to add function and elegance to this design trend.

As the primary entryway into a home, French door systems can be supersized, consisting of heavy panels filled with glass elements. New pivoting hardware allows these large doors to function smoothly. Typically, when a French door system is chosen as a home’s entryway, other glass elements are added to provide an inviting look and feel. Sidelights flanking the matched door panels allow for extra light to flood the foyer or entry, while overhead glass transoms help to invite the outdoors in. Glass panes in the doors and sidelights can be frosted or etched to admit light while preserving privacy.

French doors are popular in many home applications. Whether they are chosen to provide a focal point for a backyard entertainment space or used to form an elegant entrance to a home, modern materials and thousands of styles are available for homeowners in these classic door systems.

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