Features to Look For in a High Security Lock

Many people do not give door locks the consideration they deserve. A door is a stronghold of your house and the type of locks you will use on it will determine the safety of your house and possessions. Professional locksmith companies like Advanced Lock and Key Wangara, which is based in Western Australia explains about some basic features that house locks should have in order to provide necessary protection. These features are elaborated below. Make sure to look for all these features before buying and installing locks in your home.

Lock Cylinder Complexity

The internal structure of a lock is referred to as lock cylinder complexity. The more complex this structure is, the more the lock is difficult to pick. The criminals or burglars can try to pick open your lock but they will not be able to succeed in it. Similarly, a complex internal makeup of the lock will make it difficult for the burglar to make an impression of the lock and open it by using a bump key.

Metal Content

The amount of metal used in the lock is a key feature you should look for while browsing through locks. A lock made completely of metal is what you need to look for. You can determine this by holding the lock in your hand. A complete metal lock will weigh heavier in your hand as compared to lock which uses cheap metals or alloys. Some companies try to gain illegal profit by making wide gaps and using plastic components in the design of locks. Drop these locks like they are hot. The security of you and your family members is at risk here, you cannot use such locks which can put them in danger.

Strength of the Deadbolt

Locks that provide high security should have hardened steel deadbolt to ensure maximum safety. In addition to metal content, the bolt will have to be cut resistant so that criminals cannot cut it open with a hacksaw. Similarly, deadbolts should be able to withstand brute force attacks such as bludgeoning, kicks, sledge hammer attacks as well as shoulder strikes. Deadbolt plays an important role in ensuring the security of your house. Look for the right features while choosing locks for your home.

Drill Protection and Key Control

The easiest way a criminal can open your lock is through drilling. Your lock needs to have high-end drill protection in order to provide security. However, if you install locks that are drill resistant then you will end up without options in case you lock yourself out of the house. Because then, even a locksmith would not be able to drill locks for you. To counter this situation, install locks that have a rotating anti-drill plate that covers the shear line and set screws. Also, invest in high security locks that have patent keyways which restrict access to key blanks. This will make it hard for the burglars to make a copy of the key and take special care of your spare keys as well.