Hobbies that You can Enjoy with Yarn and Why You Should Try Them

Yarn is quite possibly the most versatile crafting tool there is. In its basic form, it might not seem much, but with the right skills and a good dose of creativity, it can bring in a world of wonders for everyone.

If you’re interested in working with this “medium,” here are a few things that you can try:


When people see yarn or anything that’s made from it, they always assume that it’s a knitted piece. Half of the time, they’re correct. Knits are widely available, especially because it’s a traditional method of creating clothes and other garments.

Today, knitting continues to be a popular hobby that makes use of yarn. People still love making clothes, hats, socks, mittens, scarves, and blankets through this technique. Knitted plushies are also making waves as of late because of how nostalgic and cozy they are.

Knitting is very complex and has a lot of room for creativity. This is why it can be just as exciting and stimulating as any other hobby out there.

Who knits? Amanda Seyfried, Audrey Hepburn, George Lucas, Marilyn Monroe, Juli Roberts, Brigitte Bardot, Harry Styles, Mel Gibson, Kiefer Sutherland, Russell Crowe, Sufjan Stevens, Demi Lovato, and Sarah Jessica Parker are just some of the famous folks who like to get their cast on.


Mostly associated with grandmothers, crochet is much more than an old-school craft. Sure, it’s popular for those doilies, “grandma square” blankets, bulky tablecloths, and chunky scarves that you’ll find in your grandparents’ homes, but it’s also so much more than that.

While crochet clothing isn’t always as fashionable as knitted ones, they’re still great for hats, scarves, and mittens. Crochet plushies, also known as amigurumi, are also becoming some of the most popular crocheted products as of late. They make stuffed toys look cozier and even more nostalgic, making them the perfect baby shower gifts.

The best part? It can be easier for you to learn how to crochet than knit. As it only really needs one hand to do the stitching, it might be easier for lots of people.

Who crochets? Kurt Cobain, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Meryl Streep, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eva Longoria, Martha Stewart, Rebecca Romijn, Queen Victoria, and Michael Kors are all said to enjoy spending some quiet time with their yarns and hooks.

Fiber Art

Some people are good with paints and crayons, others can manipulate yarn in various ways to create something stunning. Fiber art comes in a wide variety of forms and can even include the other techniques in this list. However, what we’re referring to here is the actual way how some people create painting-like creations with yarn and other textiles. Fiber art can also refer to as mixed media pieces or string art.

As the name suggests, fiber art can be considered as a form of art in many occasions. Unlike crochet and knit which are categorized as crafts, fiber art can transition to textile art.


A traditional technique in making textile, weaving is making a nice comeback today in the form of fiber art. They’re popular as wall-hangings on many occasions as they use a combination of colors and textures to create something that’s visually appealing.

Usually done with a loom, this technique doesn’t really have rigorous rules like crocheting or knitting. It’s also a lot easier for beginners. However, you might need a lot of creativity and foresight to whip up something good with this craft.

Therapeutic, soothing, relaxing, and challenging all at once, these hobbies are all great options if you want to work with yarn. Try one today and surprise yourself with the many ways you can turn a colorful string into something beautiful.