How minimalism can make your life and your home better

Living with fewer belongings can seem a daunting task, especially given how consumerism that has gradually affected our culture and education. These days, it seems like we need more and more things for every purpose we would like to achieve. Our spaces can become cluttered and we can become unhappy.

Humankind is about to reach a saturation point with regard to the number of possessions an individual can acquire, and the worst thing about it is that more and more things will never make us feel satisfied. We’ll only keep wanting more. And as you might have guessed, owning many items means you have to transport them all if you move home anytime in the future.

Beginnings are difficult

If you take the time to look around you, you’ll certainly encounter several items you haven’t used in more than a year, and what that can tell you is that that thing is occupying precious space in your home and paying no rent for it.

The problem is that getting rid of items can be hard, because unless they’re really things you have no purpose for anymore or things you’ve outgrown or now dislike, you’ll never truly feel at peace with having spent money on them and having to throw them away.

But there’s a solution to that problem. You can sell them online or you can give them away to people who actually need and will utilize them.

What are the benefits?

Once you’ve figured out the amount of clutter you’ve been living in and you’ve decided to donate to a local charity or sell some of the stuff you own and find no use for, you’ll feel a little more at ease with yourself. First of all, you’ll have a lot more space in your home or apartment, and so it will feel like you’ve just moved in.

Your home will be organized and clean, but your mind will be the same. Just think about it. If you have a lot more space available, you can set out a spot for your daily meditations. Once you get rid of that mindset where you have to save money to buy new and more things, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot of your dreams, like traveling to a distant country or paying for an online course for a domain you’ve always wanted to study.

Be social

One of the best things that minimalism can teach you is that swapping, thrifting, making, and borrowing things are all activities that are more than decent. Minimalists have groups and forums where they talk about their personal experiences and exchange views on this or that.

Even if you’re not the most social individual in the world, you’ll soon become fascinated by how willing these people are to help each other, especially when it comes to starting a zero waste lifestyle. Just sixty to seventy years ago, people used to make do with what they had available, especially following social disasters like WWII. So why wouldn’t you do the same?