How These Home Improvements Will Save You Money

Homeowners that are looking to improve the comfort, the functionality and the overall appearance of their property need to think about getting high-quality window and door replacements. These tremendous renovations will be worth every single penny that they cost, and they will help you save money in the long-run.

If you are going to get rid of your old windows and doors, your replacements should be made with high-quality materials and constructed to be energy-efficient. When you get energy efficient windows and doors installed in your home, you reduce unwanted drafts disrupting your indoor temperature and prevent warm or cool air from escaping the house. Get your replacements from a reliable window and door company that is committed to distributing and promoting energy-efficient products, like Casa Bella Windows &Doors. This company carries products that have a higher rating than the current Energy Star requirements demand and that are Health Smart certified — this means that they offer windows that have superior thermal retention and that protect homes from window condensation, which can be a health hazard for residents. If you want to know exactly how these specific home improvements will save you money in the long-run, here are three big examples:

Lower Hydro Bills:

Replacing your windows and entry doors is considered one of the top money-saving home improvements because of how much it reduces energy consumption, specifically with heating and air conditioning. Energy-efficient replacements that are professionally installed and expertly weather stripped and sealed with caulking willkeep the indoor temperature comfortable for residents. The Ministry of Energy states that homeowners save up to thirty percent on their heating costs when they just add weather stripping to doors and windows—think about the savings that could happen when the replacements are also energy-efficient.

High Return On Investment:

For any homeowner that is planning on putting their house up for sale in the near-future, energy-efficient doors and windows are an impressive perk for buyers. These are two major home improvements that add value to a property and thatare proven to have high return on investment rates — a brand-new high-quality entry door brings an average ROI of eighty-six percent, and vinyl window replacements have an average ROI of eighty-five percent.

Provincial Rebate Programs:

You will immediately appreciate the comfort that window and door replacements bring and the energy costs that they save. If the initial purchase still feels intimidating, there are rebate programs designed to help citizens make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly. Homeowners can turn to the Green Ontario Fund, which offers rebates for energy-efficient renovations—houses that get window replacements can receive up to $5,000 from the program. There are other provincial programs and tax credits that will ease any anxiety about getting such important investments.

If you add up the savings from hydro bills, the return on investment rates, the provincial rebates and tax credits, you will be amazed by how much money you put back in your wallet. Energy-efficient window and door replacements are renovations that are proven to be worth the expense.