How to Get the Same Look and Vibe of a Luxury Residence—For Less Money

Sometimes it’s fun to go online and view listings of luxury residences. These houses or condos aren’t just magnificent on the outside. When you actually go inside, they ooze opulence and wealth. It’s sometimes tempting to just imagine living in such an expensive home.

The prices of these homes are generally well beyond what ordinary people can afford. But luckily for it’s not necessary to spend so much money to achieve a similar vibe to your home. With some creativity and effort in looking at thrift shops, you can have the same feel in your home. Even when you’re on a strict budget, you can have a posh-looking house.

So how can you do this? Try these simple tips and find out:

  1. Start with art. Prestigious artwork hanging on the walls of a home is usually an indicator of wealth. It’s one of the more obvious ways to make your home look more luxurious..

Of course, not all of us can afford expensive artwork especially from galleries. The prices that these paintings can command can be rather exorbitant. However, you can patronize local artists and buy their paintings at thrift shops and flea markets. You may also find affordable art online.

Your best bet is to pick something that’s large. A large painting commands instant attention. Place it in your living room and it can impress all your guests.

  1. Stick to neutral colors for your rooms. A lot of expensive homes are filled with neutral tones. That’s because neutral hues are quite classic, plus it makes people feel more relaxed. This is an ideal solution for your living room, as you can then pick neutral tones for room aspects that are more difficult to upgrade. These include the upholstery, the fixtures, and the floors.

These neutral colors will then provide an effective backdrop when you add some zing to the room by putting in accessories with more dramatic colors and textures. These accessories can be removed and replaced easily, so you can update the look of the room every now and then.

  1. Add dimension to your walls. Plain walls are boring, and they don’t look very impressive. But you can try a treatment called picture-framing to improve the look. This is when you add narrow strips of molding to your walls to give it a paneled look.

By using this approach, you have an effective way to draw the attention of your guests to various parts of the room. Just make sure that the edges are aligned and the spacing is even to get that luxurious look you want.

  1. Don’t forget the ceiling. In many expensive homes, the ceiling looks just as great as the walls and the floors. While you don’t need to have ceiling art in your home, you can still make your ceiling look more interesting (and more expensive) by improving the look around the light fixture.

Chandeliers are expensive, but this method works well even on a budget. You can just buy affordable decorative ceiling medallions and you can paint them in the color you like.

  1. Improve the look of your entryway. Try to upgrade your walkway, and it helps if your guests see an impressive door before they enter your home. These details can get them to believe that your home is much more expensive than it really is.

Making your home look more luxurious isn’t just about vanity. For residents, it’s about feeling more relaxed and confident about their homes. Sellers can also benefit as well.