How to Improve the Look of Windows and Doors On A Budget

Do you ever look around your house and feel like it just doesn’t look as high-end as you’d like, but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem?

If so, it’s more than likely your doors and windows that are old, unsightly or both. Doors and windows in a home, are things that not that many people pay attention to directly, but this means they don’t indirectly realize what an effect they can have on the overall aesthetic of the house.

Even if you have great furniture and a fabulous home design, having windows and doors that aren’t in good shape can take away from that.

The following are some easy, inexpensive ways to improve the look of your windows and doors, without taking on a full-scale home improvement project.

Window Coverings

Sometimes breathing new life into your home is as easy as changing your window coverings. If you have bare windows or ugly, outdated coverings, think about changing them.

A good option if you want something timeless, elegant and expensive-looking are roman shades. Roman shades have a tailored, customized look and feel even if they aren’t.

You can also think about bamboo shades or something similar that covers most of the unsightly parts of a window.

Adding or Changing Window Trim

Another fantastic and relatively simple and inexpensive way to change the look of windows is to add new trim. You can buy pieces of trim and moldings at any home improvement store, and use it around your windows for a crisp and completely custom makeover.

This works whether you have unsightly windows, or they’re just plain, builder-grade windows that came with your home.

Refresh the Front Door

Front exterior doors are usually really expensive. We’re talking in the thousands of dollars, and you might not necessarily be ready to pay that.

Instead, think about a paint job, and replacing your doorknobs and hardware.

Add Interior Door Panels

If you have basic or ugly slab-style interior doors, you don’t have to worry about entirely replacing those either. Instead, you can add some moldings to the interior of the doors to make it look like they have panels.

There are different panels you can do. For example, you can do a think rectangle inside the perimeter of the door like a picture frame molding. You can also do something more craftsman by creating a five-panel door. DIY beadboard doors are pretty easy even if you’re a home improvement novice too since you can purchase premade beadboard panels at most home improvement stores.

This is an elegant and timeless look for interior doors. Here you can also think about adding new trim to the door, and of course, changing up the doorknobs is an easy project.

Finally, if you have bifold closet doors in need of some TLC, you can add fabric panels to the front. This covers whatever you don’t like about these doors, and gives your home an upgrade that looks high-end, but in reality, costs very little.