How to Properly and Safely Work with Cranes: Your All-Important Guide

Cranes are often used to lift heavy objects on a construction or building site, in working environments such as dockyards and ports, and more. But even if cranes are widely used, not everyone is qualified to operate them in a safe and efficient manner. According to data released by the HSE, 61 injuries or accidents have been associated with cranes since the year 2001.

If you are using cranes for whatever purpose, it’s important that it’s operated by a professional – and this is where crane hire services come in. With crane hire services, you can benefit from the invaluable added service of having your cranes operated only by professionals supplied by the hiring firm. But even if you are not driving or operating the crane yourself, you still need to know how to properly and safely work with cranes. Here’s your all-important guide.

What are the risks?

Some of the most popular cranes are mobile and tower cranes, as they are used for different industries and are highly useful in demolition and construction. But these cranes come with various risks as well. One major risk is crane collapse. If a mobile or tower crane suddenly collapses, the risk of injuries and even deaths can be quite high, both to workers and to visitors. This kind of occurrence is often a consequence of a crane not being properly maintained or a crane not being used in a safe or proper manner.

Another risk with cranes is dropping loads. If a load drops or falls, people can be crushed. This can be caused by various reasons, from improper or incorrect loading to use in conditions which are unsafe, such as strong winds. There are other risks, and these include people struck by cranes which are moving or loads which are being moved, cranes which crash against each other, and cranes which crash against structures or equipment.

If you are hiring cranes and other equipment from specialists such as, remember that the responsibility of safety in the use of cranes still lies with you unless stated in the contract. So extra care is always recommended.

What you should do

To ensure safer conditions when working with cranes, you should create a safe working system. This means preparing your site and making sure you adhere to various safety measures such as the proper assembly of the crane and its dismantling, choosing the proper kind of crane for the job, coming up with plans for maintenance as well as examination of the equipment, hiring competent workers who have gone through adequate training, having someone who is fully trained and authorised operating and supervising the crane, and having a good plan in order to avoid the unauthorised use of the equipment.

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