How to Save Money on Office Supplies

Every office needs certain office supplies, including pens, printers and furniture. However, when it comes to purchasing all of this equipment, you and your business will be forced to outlay quite a bit of money. Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce this cost and save those dollars for more important things. This article outlines some handy tips to help you save money when purchasing office supplies, including buying in bulk, minimising theft, shopping online, and buying older models.

Buy in Bulk

Products are almost always cheaper when purchased in bulk. Consider this for non-perishables that will never go to waste, like paper towels, copy paper and pens. Having an almost endless supply on hand is not only convenient, but can also save you a considerable amount of money over time. In addition to products being cheaper in bulk, some office supplies companies will also offer additional discounts based on how much you spend.

Keep an Eye on Theft

Minimise the need to place too many orders by reducing in-house theft. Two thirds of office employees admit to taking office supplies home for their own use, which adds up to quite a lot of lost supplies. If you’re able to prevent this from happening so you can get all you can out of the supplies you have, they will last much longer – and you’ll therefore find yourself placing orders less frequently. Of course, this generally relies on honesty from your employees, and it may not make much difference in some offices.

Shop Online

Online shopping is a fast way to save money. The internet allows for easy comparisons between brands and retailers, making it easy to find larger discounts than what could be found in store. These comparisons mean you can find the best product at the best price. Online office supplies retailers save a lot on overhead expenses, allowing them to offer reduced prices. Many will also offer lower delivery costs for large orders.

Don’t Buy the Latest Model

Computers, printers and scanners often release a new model every year, but there’s nothing wrong with choosing a previous model and cutting costs. Very often, the only difference between the products is the appearance, or a minor feature. Compare what each model can do and consider whether it’s really worth spending the extra money for the newest model. It is unlikely that older versions will become completely outdated, so have a look around office supplies stores at the end of the year or end of financial year to see if you can score a great deal.

Consider Loyalty

Companies in all industries reward loyalty. Local coffee shops can give you free coffees after a certain number of purchases, while your car insurance might start to decrease after a few years with the same company. Office supplies companies are no exception. Using the same supplier again and again can earn you discounts and exclusive offers. Choosing a company and sticking to them also means you can opt to receive reminders when you’re due to place an order.