Interesting & Functional Decor Tips for the Game Room!

game room

Let’s face it we all have super hectic lives now days and days that never seem to end with an endless cycle of work and responsibilities at home. What many people do today is bring the recreation to the home front. Large, well equipped family rooms and game rooms are the trend du jour and any one with a little room and money to spare is now bringing the games indoors. Perfect for family bonding time and rollicking nights with friends, game rooms are slowly becoming a part of many a household.

Decorating a room with game room wall art, the right games and a comfortable yet well laid out space requires a little planning and budgeting. Whether you have a space large enough to fit a pool table and home theatre set up or a smaller space replete with board games and a dart board, your game room can become a haven from the monotony of daily life and daily stresses.

Let’s take a look at a few aspects to consider when decorating your recreational space –

Choose the right colour scheme – The paints and colours you decide to deck up a space with can do a lot to change the ambiance. Is the game room going to be a peaceful escape from work – then consider soothing combinations with colours like taupe, beige, earthy browns, cool blues or greens and more. Need it to be lively? Shades of red, yellow, orange and even neon adds that perfect pop of energy and vibrancy. The game room is also a great place to play around with unusual colour schemes and accent walls since it tends to be a more casual space than say the living room. You could also consider using chalkboard paint on a wall or a door to let the kids run wild with wall art while you and the other grown ups enjoy a game or two!

Have fun with wall art – This is one space you can truly personalise and have with most fun with wall art and other décor elements. Framed movie posters, vintage dart boards, graffiti, framed pictures, drawings by the kids etc … the options are endless. Depending on what kind of space you are going for for your game room, wall art and other accents for the walls can totally transform and accentuate the space. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot either! Scour through flea markets, vintage stores, online discount deals or even make some of your own and enlist family members to do the same.

Plan a functional layout – You may have the best equipment and games but it all amounts to nothing if you can’t actually move around and enjoy them the way you are supposed to. Pay careful attention to the layout of the room and maximise the space with convertible game tables and adequate storage and shelving. Make sure there’s enough room to move around tables, like for example adequate space to position and play around a Billiards table or room to spread out if board games are a favourite. If there are kids in the home, arrange furniture and other game equipment such that they can safely run around the place without bumping into things or knocking them over.

Add quirky touches – Make the game room a uber cool and fun place to hang out. Quirky and interesting touches like a gorgeous bar area or candy bar even, a gumball machine, art deco lamps, pub signs and the like are a sweet way of making the space reflect your personality!


Maya Mayer is an interior designer who also loves writing about home décor and design on her blog. She notices that game room wall art and décor pieces are the best way to enliven a space and create a fun environment. She has remodeled many homes and is working on a line of eco friendly furniture as well.