Key Points To Know About A Golden Acrylic Medium

Add a Golden acrylic medium to your authentic drawings and you’ll draw attention to people, shapes, animals and natural landscape elements you create in a matter of seconds. However, simply adding Golden acrylic medium to your paintings may not give your art the texture and the quality that you’re seeking. To start, the brand of the adhesive can alter the texture and the clarity of the paint. For example, some brands have a longer shelf life than other brands.


With Golden acrylic medium you can adjust or change the color of acrylic paints you’re working with. You can also use the mediums to extend the life of paints, make glazes and enhance finishes. Mediums can also be used as an adhesive. Furthermore, stores like Plaza Art carry pourable and moldable acrylic mediums. Let’s say, for example, that you’re building a collage, you could use a heavy gel gloss or a heavy gel matte to draw attention to certain areas of the collage.


When choosing a Golden acrylic medium, pay attention to the consistency of the fluid, as some mediums are thicker than others. Additionally, some mediums are oil based, while others have more of a water base. These alternative textures and depth levels attract local, national and internationally renowned artists. For example, Mercury News reports that artists like Michaela Bartonova launched their careers using acrylics.


Their experience and successes have led them to become increasingly innovative, using more modern technology to tell stories and get art lovers to think in rewarding ways. One artist, David Hockney says, “My aim is to show people the world, I guess.” He adds, “You see things in a picture. Otherwise, people scan what’s in front of them but they don’t really look very hard at the world. Well, I do, and I do something with it.”


Prices for an acrylic medium are reasonable, generally less expensive than paints and top tier canvases. For example, you can get a four ounce bottle of acrylic flow release for less than $10. Catch the art supplies when they’re on sale and you could end up spending less than $8.


A 16 ounce bottle of clear granular gel may go for about $28, while you can get a 16 ounce bottle of extra heavy gel gloss for about $26. Additionally, some arts stores will ship these and other supplies to you free of charge if you spend $99 or more with them.


Use the supplies only when necessary if you’re looking to save money. Continue advancing your art career and improving your overall skills by trying different mediums. If you place your artwork in contests and display your work at local and national art shows, you can find out firsthand how art lovers respond to your work.


Over time, you may find that certain acrylic mediums work best with paints and other adhesives you use. Because Golden acrylic medium supplies are relatively inexpensive, you have the liberty of getting creative without worrying about being able to afford to refill those supplies.