Key Signs Your Cooker Hood Is Faulty

Unfortunately, the cooker hood is often the type of kitchen appliance that we don’t realise our reliance on until it becomes faulty.

A cooker hood is important because it extracts airborne grease and fumes away from your kitchen. For many people, a fault with this appliance causes their house to fill with the smell of stale food hours after they’ve finished cooking, purely because the odour and grease hasn’t been removed properly.

If you suspect that you have a cooker hood that isn’t working as effectively as it once was, we’ve shared three simple signs that can indicate a fault that could need repairing:

Noises from the extractor fan

One of the most common issues that can signal a faulty cooker hood are noises coming from the extractor fan. This is the component of the appliance that removes airborne smells or grease and releases them outdoors.

The simplest reason for a noisy extractor fan is that the airflow has been blocked. Confirm that the vent of the cooker hood itself hasn’t been trapped with items or a build-up of dirt and check the vent that leads to the outside of your home hasn’t been covered accidentally.

Noises can also come in the form of rattling. If the noise occurs when the appliance is on but the cooker hood still works properly, the components inside the appliance (such as the fasteners and screws) may need to be tightened.

Lighting not working

Because the cooker hood is placed directly above hobs that heat water and liquid mixtures, moisture may have worked its’ way into the appliance and dampened, frayed or made the wiring become loose, causing the lighting to break.

You can confirm that the wiring is faulty by turning off the power supply, removing the cover and visually checking for any damaged wires. If you cannot find any sign of a fault, the bulbs within the lights may have been worn-out and need replacing. Be sure to check that the lighting has the correct voltage before replacing them.

If you regularly use the lighting on your cooker hood as to help illuminate your kitchen, the plastic holders or clips that hold the lamps in place could get burnt.

Electronic module fails

If your cooker hood isn’t turning on or functioning at all, the issue could lie with the electronic module.

Faults within the electronic modules could signal that the relay or contacts in your appliance may have blown, and will need to be looked at by a professional cooker hood repairer.

Whilst all three of these cooker hood faults are fairly common in kitchens, they may not have a simple DIY fix that you can complete at home. Often, these faults may mean that you need your cooker hood repaired by a professional appliance specialist in order to have a fully-functioning and efficient machine that removes excess grease and fumes from your kitchen.