Lower insurance costs by keeping your house safe from intruders

Miniature House

Owning a well-decorated home is a dream that most of us have. One thing that we should not forget, though, is that our home shouldn’t just be aesthetically-pleasing: it should also be secured. There are various home insurances and wise house security measures that every homeowner should consider. To learn more about how to keep your home safe from intruders and burglars, a few simple tips are provided below:

Miniature HouseBuy stronger locks – Strong locks are your first line of defence against intruders. The Police Service of Northern Ireland recommends fitting barrel locks to the top and bottom of your house’s doors. Secured by Design also recommended rim locks, night latches, a mortise deadlock, and multi-point locking as good burglar-prevention locks.

Secure your windows – “Windows are one of the weakest entry points in the home so it’s good practice to invest in some security for your windows especially at the ground level,” said Stop the Burglar, a home security provider based in Dublin. There are a variety of discreet window locks available online. You may also want to spring for specialized anti-burglar glass if your budget allows it.

Replace your doors – A strong lock won’t do much good if the door where it is attached to is weak. Irish home security outfit Burglarybusters recommends replacing old doors with stronger security doors that have the same appearance. Just make sure that your replacement doors meet the new Irish Burglar Resistance security standard IS EN 1627:2011. You can also opt for doors approved by Secured by Design and meeting Pas 24 – 1. Get a copy of the certificate proving that your new doors meet these standards.

Install outdoor lighting – If you don’t have the money to spring for a full-featured alarm system, aviva home insurance recommended something less costly: outdoor lighting. It’s simple yet effective. Burglars and vandals really don’t want to be seen doing their thing, after all. Don’t forget to install lights on the back doors and side alleys too. These areas can be just as, if not more, vulnerable as the front.

By making sure that your home is as safe as can be against unwanted entry, you can sleep much easier at night. Not only will a secure home make you and your family safer, it can even have a positive effect on your home insurance costs.