Reasons to Pay Close Attention to Your Roof’s Ventilation

As you’re tending to the exterior of your home, be sure you don’t neglect to see that your roof has adequate ventilation, which is essential for a variety of reasons. If you aren’t familiar with the basics of roof ventilation, here are a few solid reasons to make it a top priority.

Essential for the Cooler and Warmer Months of the Year

In the winter, proper roof ventilation is essential for making sure any ice or snow on your roof doesn’t become dammed when it melts due to the trapped heat and refrozen as it drizzles down your roof towards your gutters, which can result in damage to the structure of your roof, which can then lead to unnecessary spending on your part. Should enough ice damming occur, it can negatively impact the overall life of your roof. During the summer, trapped hot air can damage your shingles and steadily chip away at the overall life of your roof as well.

Lower Energy Costs

Another great thing about seeing to your roof’s ventilation is doing so can lower your energy bills. This is because your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature, which requires more work if there is hot air trapped in your attic. While you might have to spend money on proper ventilation, you’ll likely save even more over the life of your roof and your HVAC unit in energy costs.

Keep Mold and Mildew at Bay

Hot air commonly leads to humidity, and humidity often leads to mold and mildew. Not only are mold and mildew smelly and unsightly, they’re also health hazards to those with allergies. What’s more is mold and mildew can crack the slates of your roof. Save yourself the money and headache that comes with needing mold remediation and make sure your roof can breathe.

Fresh Air

Attics shouldn’t smell musty and damp like they do when air becomes trapped. Your attic should smell of fresh air, which is what you pull in when you pay attention to your roof ventilation. You also have to think about the fact that if your attic smells musty, anything you store up there is likely to pick up that stink, which often soaks its way into fabrics and surfaces.

Better Overall Comfort

If your home has more than one story, the upstairs area might feel warmer than the downstairs area, and this might be because air is unable to escape through the roof. You might also get cold feet in a room that doesn’t really feel all that cold. Keep those upstairs comfortable with the proper roof ventilation.

Minimize Paint Peeling

It’s common for paint to start peeling when there is abundant humidity in the air. Rather than have to pay for a premature new coat of paint, you and your finances will be better off seeing that there’s proper airflow in your roof. Not only will you save money, your home’s exterior will look better as well.

Be Sure Your Ventilation Is Balanced

As you’re exploring your options for roof ventilation and talk with a roofing contractor about your options, know that you need just the right amount of ventilation; too much is just as bad as not having enough. More roof penetration is involved with venting, and the more vents you have, the more areas of vulnerability there are when it comes to potential leaks. Always consult with an experienced professional before making your final decision to better ensure you’re making the right one.

If you aren’t sure whether your roof has proper airflow, have it inspected by an expert. Taking action now can boost your comfort level, the life of your roof and your general peace of mind.