Some Unique Features of Modern Style Fireplaces


The fireplace is very special in any home as this is the place where the family members can sit together and gossip in a cozy environment. You can sit alone and read a book that soothes your soul with the warmth of fireplace felt on your body giving you a comfort in harsh winters. However, old fashioned fireplaces were messy as they require hassles of collecting wood and cutting it to small pieces for continued feeding the fire. Then, the smoke was also a problem for which chimney was put on it. These issues have now been sorted out due to modern style fireplaces easily available to the people.

Chimney has vanished

One of the most visible features of modern style fireplaces is the absence of a chimney which we used to see on traditional ones. This is because today’s fireplaces no longer require wood as a fuel. Hence, we do not need to worry about the toxic and smoke particles as they are simply not there.

Modern style fireplaces run on electricity, biofuel or gel. Bio fuel and gel are known as clean fuel and so they do not create any harmful smoke and toxins in the home air. This also means that absence of toxic air will enhance rich oxygen levels in the home. Elimination of chimney leaves you with more room space for other uses. Moreover, modern fireplaces are not fixed and instead you can carry them anywhere in the home.

Wall fireplaces

A wall fireplace is surely stunning and you would like to own it. You can always find a piece that perfectly matches with your home décor including furniture. There are several styles of these fireplaces to choose and they are now available at affordable prices as well.

Ventless fireplaces

Modern style fireplaces are also available as vent less gel and gas fireplaces. These types of fireplaces are accessible in various type of material including chrome, metal, stone, fiber glass and wood. This means that you can easily match these fireplaces with your home furniture and décor. Ventless fireplaces use propane or natural gas as fuel. The gel fuel models use a substance that is similar to gel.

If you choose Ventless modern style fireplaces, know that the most commonly used is the one that has traditional look so that it can mimic with the look of the fireplaces of past. These are generally made of stone or wood and this material varies a lot. You can also get them made as per your specifications. Prefer these fireplaces only when you need to give your home décor a traditional look or you already have such a look of the home interiors.

All Ventless modern style fireplaces are great pieces irrespective of the material they are made of and the style and design. They all look impressive. You can have the models that hand on the wall. Such a model is generally is a gel fuel fireplace, though gas models also are available.

Some features of modern style fireplaces

Modern style fireplaces use the latest technology to make their design perfect. Common features of the style are that they have curved or straight lines and many of them do not have patterns so that organized and clean look can be achieved. For spacious rooms and apartments, therefore, the contemporary fireplaces are perfectly design to offer comfort, eliminating all clutter and accessories.

The size of the fireplaces has shrunk a lot. They are today available in portable size or wall mounted style having a sleek door as well. For small homes with little space, such fireplaces are ideal choices. Due to smaller size, you can now place a fireplace anywhere including your bathroom to enjoy warmth.

Modern style fireplaces come in varied materials including, stainless steel, glass, copper and cast iron. You can have them in various shapes of your choice. Another feature is that the fireplaces today are remote controlled so that you can enjoy warmth by sitting in chair and just push a button for starting the fire. Modern fireplaces are available in a variety of colors even the vibrant ones if you like them so much.

To choose perfect modern style fireplaces, you should have some knowledge beforehand. Do an extensive research for them on the Internet and find out lots of styles. If possible, consult some expert who can advise you on the type of fireplaces and its material so that it becomes part of your room. Compare the prices on the Internet after searching many websites and settle for the fireplace that matches with your budget with quality standards being in place.