The Formula for Top Winning Coaches

There is no doubt that the coach of a team is as important to a sports team, as any superstar player. Their job is multi-layered and they must be expert managers, psychologists and motivators in order to win consistently no matter what level of team they coach.

Those who place bets on sports teams at top online sports betting sites like will often bet on a coach rather than a particular player because they know the value a coach has to the consistent success of a team.

Coaches are special people and finding a great one is as rare as finding a superstar sports talent. Here are some of the qualities that great coaches possess.

They Personalize Their Relationships with Each Player

Top coaches get to intimately know each player. They learn their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and how to get them fixated on continuously getting better. Top coaches also learn their personal information, and get to know their families and close friends as well. They create relationship where each player feels that the coach is a family member who cares about their well-being. But this approach must be genuinely felt and delivered, and it must stay strong when it gets tested. If the player sees this consistently, he or she will take the coaches advice to heart because he knows that the coach has the player’s best interests in mind.

Goal Setting is Really Important

The best coach sets goals for each player and the entire team. These individual goals should be very specific to the player and speak to specifics about that particular player. This will show to the player that the coach has taken the time to understand that player and has created specific goals designed to improve the player. This will motivate the player to improve.

In terms of team goals, the coach must set goals that are demanding but achievable. They must cause the players to reach and consistently progress, but not be so far out of reach that the players lose their motivation if they do not reach them. These team goals should be modified during the season if unforeseen circumstances occur like injuries to key players. The constant vigilance and modification of these goals allows the coach to focus on the important aspects of the team which is to make sure that everyone heads towards improvement and working together.

They Surround Themselves with a Top Coaching Staff

A coach works with a team and each team member likely has his or her own speciality. The coach knows that the success of the team is contingent on the quality of the coaching staff so the coach must bring on top staff to execute. The coach will set an overall vision for the team and also the style and tone of practice, defensive and offensive schemes based on input from the coaching staff who observe the players and offer valuable input on how to make the best team. When things work well, there is a dynamic that gets set that adds to the overall effectiveness of each coach. Top coaches constantly pass credit for winning teams to their coaching staff because they understand the value of having a great staff is to winning.


To coaches are also constantly learning. They educate themselves to new approaches and how to relate to players as times change.