The Joy of Living Clean

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Many people in the world like to believe that their home is their sanctum. It is the abode of peace and tranquility. Home is the place where you can be your true self, unaware of your appearance, unnoticed by the world and devoid of all the obligations and ceremonies of the society. Our home defines our way of living; it influences our personality and shapes our life. So it is quite evident that we want our haven to be clean and beautiful at all times. However, the task of cleaning does not sound as enticing as the outcome of it. This is where Homejoy comes to your rescue.


Homejoy is one of the best cleaning services in the world. The purpose of Homejoy is to deliver excellent results when it comes to making your house meticulously clean. Homejoy was started by Adora and Aaron Cheung when they found themselves caught in the dilemma of finding good cleaners within an affordable price range. Some people in the world definitely believe in making the change they want to see, and the founders of Homejoy are amongst them. The concept was turned into a reality in the month of July 2012. The headquarters of Homejoy is located in San Francisco, California. However, the popularity of Homejoy has crossed many geographical boundaries and now they are functioning in over 20 cities in the United States and Canada. The intent of providing good services without you having to spend a fortune is the key to success for Homejoy.

What makes them so special?

Homejoy is not only famous for their unique concept but also for its efficient implementation. The people working for Homejoy are certified cleaners who know the best, and perform the best, when it comes to making your house spotlessly clean and sparkling. These professionals can work magic with their tools and instruments and turn your house from a cluttered mishap to a pristine paradise.

This company is also quite acclaimed for their work ethics. They hire professionals who have to prove their mettle in the field of cleaning by appearing. The only people to get the job are the ones who pass the test with flying colors. But the competition does not end once they are hired. They are monitored regularly and the quality of their work is constantly under supervision to ensure that there’s no getting away with substandard performance. Also, the company does a thorough reference check on the qualifications and backgrounds of the people they hire. This is very important as the job they are assigned give them the leeway to visit residences. And as we all know, the world is not as safe as we would like to believe it is. So the safety of the clients is of utmost importance. Any person with a shady character is rejected by the company so as not to pose a threat to any individual or family during the time of the work.

Not only is Homejoy concerned about the safety of the clients, they also take the responsibility of the well being of their workers. The certified cleaners of the company are allowed to refuse to work in a location or a household which they do not consider appropriate or where they do not think that there could be a possibility of an unwarranted situation. The guidelines of the company as an employer are purely influenced by their concern for the individuals working for them and their efficiency. This ethical treatment makes the company a great employer and is the exact reason why many people choose to work for them.


With the undeterred rate of inflation which seems to be reaching new heights every now and then, people are always worried about their money. The prices of services which are required for basic sustenance and welfare are skyrocketing. It is very difficult to find any service which can guarantee satisfactory results at an affordable price. However, Homejoy has made a difference both in terms of quality and price. Their price rate is as low as $20 per hour. They offer various options to their clients like weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning and per day or per hour cleaning. The clients can choose according to their need and budget and no matter what they choose, they will always have the assurance of exceptional quality of work. They have done wonders for people who are either too busy to clean their house or are too oblivious to the need of it. For such people, these certified cleaners are the best option.