Tips for a Perfect Exterior House Wall

The exterior of your house is as important as the interior décor. Usually people spend al of their energy and interest on the interior décor and leave the exterior for the planners. But if you’re one of those people who pay attention to all details and want the perfect exterior wall for your house, then this article is for you. You need to consider many things like the materials, color and texture of the wall, in order to build a breathtaking exterior wall.

Choose the Right Material

The material of the wall comes first when designing the exterior wall. The bricks, shingles, weatherboard and tiles are collectively called the cladding. Modular Masonry limestone blocks and limestone in general is a very popular material for exterior walls. This is because reconstituted limestone is strong and durable. It is also protects your house in extreme weather. In addition to limestone, you can choose tiles and stones for exterior wall as well.

Choosing the Texture and Pattern

It is noteworthy that the patterns and texture of bricks can change the entire perspective of the exterior wall. You need to pay attention to this small detail as it affects the whole outlook of your house. Bricks or building blocks are laid in different patterns such as the traditional running bond pattern. You can find this pattern in almost every building but if you want something different while staying in traditional boundaries, you can try variations of running bond pattern.

A basket weave pattern is uncommon but it adds individualism to the exterior wall. If you want to draw attention to the exterior wall of your house, then try this pattern. Similarly, you can choose from numerous wall textures present in the market. The construction company will help you find the right texture for your exterior wall.

Colors of the Exterior Wall

The color of the exterior wall has a dramatic affect on the appearance of your house. People mostly choose the color depending on their preference and the color theme of the interior of the house but aside from the aesthetics, the color of your house hugely affects the absorption of sunlight. If you live in colder climate, then you should color the exterior wall of your house in darker colors due to their ability to absorb more sunlight. This will keep your house warm in winters.

On the other hand, if you live in warm climate, then color your house in lighter tones because they reflect more sunlight and as a result, your house will stay cool in hot weather.

Add corrugated Steel Cladding

A safety cladding is very important for your house to keep it safe from all the disasters. Climate affects the exterior of your house immensely. If you don’t want the exterior of your house to look dull and damage after a few years, then you should install corrugated steel cladding. Steel cladding is weatherproof as well as fireproof and protects your house at all time. Corrugated steel is recyclable which means you can reuse it after a few years.