Tips on designing homes for other people

Many of us enjoy the thought of having our own place that we can decorate and design in ways that we think reflect our personalities, tastes and styles. How we furnish our homes can make the difference between us feeling like we live in our own space, or like we are living in one that belongs to the previous tenants.

For landlords, it might not be quite so enjoyable when they are faced with the task of trying to create a space that feels homely to other people that you may not have met before, let alone share the same taste in interiors or home decor with.

If you are a landlord, university, or another kind of project that has to do this kind of work on a larger scale and the thought of decorating a home to let while on a budget daunts you, then there are businesses that can help you find the right furniture for both your finances and your project.

In the meantime, here are some things you can think about to get you started:

Think about who you are trying to attract to your property

Just like anything else you would design in life, when choosing how to style a home you should always keep the end user in mind. That means that you should pick furniture and decor that would appeal to their tastes rather than your own.

If you’re trying to get students to let your property then they are usually okay with only having basic furniture and minimal decor so that they can craft the space into something that feels like their own for themselves. Going to university is often the first time people and lived away from home, often in an unfamiliar town, so they often like to fill it with things that remind them of their family and friends.

On the other hand, professionals and families may bring a lot of their own furnishings with them, but would probably expect things provided by their landlord to be more than basic. Professionals are more likely to want something that is fashionable and perhaps neutral in colour.

Families may rather have things that are practical and durable. They will also probably appreciate things that are easy to keep clean so that they will mask some of the stains and spills that often occur as part of family life.