Tips on How to Maintain Your Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are extremely popular they are an eco-friendly material that can add airiness and brightness to your room. Their earthy charm has been known to transform many a room into a vibrant, tropical and classy living space. Discount bamboo blinds are durable, low maintenance and can add an instant enchantment to a room with their natural looks, texture, and earthy tones.

A Fantastic and Tough Product

The outstanding part is that you won’t have to worry about the durability of bamboo, since it is resistant to most weather conditions and have been known to resist intense heat and moisture. This hardy material can sustain itself in pretty much any environment and require very little effort to maintain. Here are some tips on effectively maintaining and cleaning your discount bamboo blinds.

You will need:

ü  Hot water

ü  Sunlight

ü  Oil soap

How to clean your discount bamboo blinds

v  Fill up a bathtub with hot water and add some oil soap to the mix. Most cobwebs, dirt, stains, or even odors on your discount bamboo blinds can be banished with some magnificent oil.

v  Sink the blinds in your bathtub and shuffle it around so that the soapy water gets to all the little nooks and crannies. Clean a single blind at a time.

v  Leave the discount bamboo blinds soaking in the tub for a few minutes. Take them out, allow them to drip for a bit and then keep them aside.

v  Drain your bathtub so that all the grime and dirt is washed away.

v  Keep repeating the process until the water runs clear.

v  For more stubborn dirt, try filling the tub with hot water. Use your shower spray to assist in the rinsing process.

v  Transfer the blinds to a sunny spot like your garden or terrace and hang them up to dry in the sun for about 20 minutes.

v  Make sure your blinds are completely dry before you install them back up on your windows again.

Concepts to Keep in Mind

  • If you are pushed for time, clean your bamboo blinds with a clean cloth. This can eliminate small amounts of dirt that are on the surface. The brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner always works well.
  • Use a soft brush or feather duster to clean your bamboo blinds regularly to avoid dirt build-up.
  • To avoid doing damage to the delicate natural fibers of your bamboo blinds, use only a smooth and clean washcloth or a soft-bristled brush to clean your blinds.
  • Dry your bamboo blinds completely if they become wet due to rain.

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