Top Neighborhoods to Consider When Looking at Real Estate Listings in Quebec City

Are you browsing through real estate listings in Quebec City in search of your dream home? You’re not alone in wanting to move here; it’s a beautiful city that attracts more than 4.5 million tourists each year. It’s easy enough to find a job in the city’s tourism industry, but there are also plenty of employment opportunities in various technological fields. This ranges from pharmaceuticals and environmental tech, to telecommunications and software.

It’s not a huge city; there are about 720,000 people living here, so you get a cozy small town feeling that you won’t find in any of the other large cities in Canada. Quebec City is also one of the Canada’s least expensive cities to live in, and the housing prices re especially affordable compared to the more expensive options in other cities.

Of course, how you will enjoy living in Quebec City will depend greatly on the neighborhood you choose to live in. Here are some of the best choices, depending on your particular circumstances:

Do You Plan on Staying In for the Holidays?

If that’s the case, then you may want to think about living in Limoilou. This is one of the boroughs in Quebec City, and it has the most people living there. About 1 in 5 Quebec City residents live here. When you do check out this neighborhood, you’ll probably understand why fairly quickly. This is the part of the city with the oldest architecture, so it offers a nice historic vibe.

But perhaps the most notable feature of living here is that your new home will be right near the Le Domaine de Maizerets. This is a huge park that’s free to visit, and it’s the reason why so many people here won’t live anywhere else. During the warm summer months, you can keep healthy by walking or hiking through 11 kilometers of trails. You can also go bird-watching or take a look at the butterfly house. During the winter months, the trails are open for snowshoeing and skiing and you can also go ice skating here.

Are You Looking for an Opulent Home?

If so, then you may want to first check out the homes in the Old Town section of the city. Here the houses can go for as much as $2 million, but then you do get a lot for your money. Many of the buildings here are at least a hundred years old, but most of them have been furnished with the latest appliances and conveniences.

The neighborhood is also centrally located, so you won’t need a car to find the amenities you need. Add the glorious view of the St. Lawrence River, and it’s like living in paradise.

Are You LGBTQ-Friendly?

If you’re not, then perhaps Quebec (or even Canada for that matter) may not be the best place for you to live in. If you are fond of celebrating gender differences, then you should stay in Upper Town where you can find the gay district. This is actually a subsection of the Old Town, and its long history offers numerous monuments and churches in the area.

Do You Have Kids of School Age?

If you’re looking for a neighborhood where great schools are near your home, then you may want to live in Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge. Among the nearby schools here is the Université Laval, which is the first French-speaking University in North America.

Even if your kids are a bit younger than university age, this neighborhood still works for your family. It has many parks and historic buildings, and there’s an aquarium too.

Are You a Trendy Young Adult?

Then you’ll feel right at home in Nouveau Saint-Roch. It has numerous cool restaurants and shops, along with murals and gardens. With home prices mostly within $200K to $250K, living here is also affordable.

Of course, wherever you may live in Quebec City, it will help if you can speak French. If you can’t yet, then it’s still not too late to learn!