Understanding the Impact of Hard Water

Chances are, you likely know a bit about hard water and how unfortunate it can be. That being said, you might not have a full idea of hard water impacts and just how damaging it is. Learn why you’ll want to have your home’s water inspected for hardness ASAP for your own health and peace of mind.

How Hard Water Impacts Your Home

When it comes to your residential property, the presence of hard water has a tendency to clog up your pipes, which often results in your appliances not functioning as efficiently as they can, which can, in turn, lead you to thinking the problem is with your appliances rather than your water. Hard water can cause your energy bills to skyrocket and your appliances to endure premature damage. You also have to think about the fact that hard water can lead to stains and scaling on tubs, showers, sinks and glass showers. On a related note, clothes washed in hard water can feel rougher and irritate the skin the same as showering or bathing with hard water. You might also find your clothes wear out faster when washed in hard water due to the mineral content.

How Hard Water Impacts Your Skin

In terms of hard water and your skin, its presence can lead to dry skin if you like to take baths. There have also been cases of children developing eczema as a result of hard water. Cleansing products might not dissolve as well as they should in hard water due to the many minerals, which can lead to irritated, dry or bumpy skin. It could also be more difficult to rinse off skin care products, which can pave the way to further irritation. As for washing your hair with hard water, doing so can make your locks look dull and lackluster.

How Hard Water Impacts Your Overall Health

Hard water can also be quite the hazard to your health if not discovered and dealt with ASAP. Drinking hard water, especially hard water with a high magnesium and calcium content, has the potential to negatively impact the body’s organs. Studies have also shown that hard water can lead to cardiovascular disease as well as high blood pressure. Adults who drink hard water can have difficulties with reproduction, and children’s mental faculties can be retarded as a result of drinking hard water. Cancer is also a possibility when it comes to hard water, specifically ovarian, gastric, colon and esophageal. To top it all off, evidence also shows neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes to be a possibility from drinking hard water.

How to Know If You Have Hard Water

While you can always use the above information to get an idea of whether you have hard water, it’s always best to know beyond a shadow of a doubt. One way to test the hardness of your water is to fill up a plastic bottle or glass one-third full of faucet water along with about 10 drops of liquid soap. Shake the mixture for about 10 seconds and take a look at it. If there are a lot of suds, chances are your water is pretty soft. If there aren’t very many suds, and the water clouds up, then you likely have hard water.

Another way to test your water is to simply buy a home test kit from your local hardware or home improvement center. Before buying, make sure the kit tests specifically for hard water and not just contaminants. You should also make sure the test is made by a reputable water testing company.

As you can see, hard water has many widespread effects. Do yourself a favor and test your home’s water and remedy the situation if you discover any issues.