Water Safety: Eight Tips for Parents of Young Children

Have a swimming pool with active children at home? Even under your expert supervision, you want them to be able to frolic and swim in the refreshing pool water safely. Here are eight important tips to keep in mind so everyone can enjoy pool season to the fullest!

Cover the pool when not in use. A safety pool cover will guarantee that children, pets, and other animals won’t get into the pool when you are not using it. Choose one that meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) safety standards and is U.L. certified.

Supervise children always. A responsible adult should always be present to keep a watchful eye on young children. Their sole job should be paying attention to the children. Reading, napping, using smart phones or tablets, or doing outside chores are unacceptable activities when kids are in and around the pool.

Teach your children to swim. Teaching your children to swim at a young age will not only allow them to enjoy this popular summertime activity to the fullest, it will also keep them safer. Regardless of how good of a swimmer they may be, never leave children unsupervised in the pool.

Keep the pool area obstruction-free. Keep all pool accessories—such as floats, toys, and balls—stored in one area that can be easily accessed when you are using the pool. It’s important to put them away when the pool is not in use, so as not to tempt children from using the pool without adult supervision.

Use life jackets. This is particularly important for children under the age of three, in addition to any child who cannot swim or is inexperienced. Make sure they are U.S. Coast Guard-approved. It’s also a good idea to have young children take frequent breaks. Offer them a drink or small snack once an hour so they rest, hydrate, and refuel for splashing around!

Store pool chemicals. Keep all pool chemicals locked away in a safe place—and out of reach of young children.

Install pool safety alarms. Arming the doors and windows that lead to the pool area with alarms will alert you when someone inside the house is venturing near the pool. You can also install alarms in and around the pool areas to safeguard family and friends even more. You can choose from a perimeter or gate alarm—or a combination of the two. There are also alarms on the market that children can wear around their wrists that are activated when the child’s wrist becomes immersed in water.

Install a fence. This is an important safety measure, and provides an additional layer of protection besides vigilant adult supervision. The pool should have a self-closing, self-latching gate and be four-sided and four feet high. A removable fence from LOOP-LOC is simple to set-up and take down.

Incorporating these safety features into your pool time will help ensure everyone has endless fun in the sun. You can breathe easier knowing that you are protecting your loved ones!