What Makes a House a Home?

One of the many questions that we often find ourselves asking is what exactly makes a house a home. It’s such a subjective and broad subject that you’ll most likely get a different answer from each and every individual that you ask. Some may say that it’s the atmosphere or ambience that makes it a home. Others think that it’s the people residing in it. None of these answers are incorrect but no one can deny that one of the most important elements that a house needs is a door. It obviously serves as a means of entry and exit – but there’s more to a door, for those with an astute mind and keen eye.


Perhaps the first thing that our eyes are drawn to when arriving at a house is the door. Similar to how the wheels of an automobile typically play a role in the first impression, so too do the doors of a house. There are different styles and types available, and you’ll find it difficult to run out of options, but on the off-chance that it does happen, manufacturers offer custom designed doors to suit your needs, such as those at truedor.co.uk.

Aside from its intended purpose, a door helps keep us safe and secure within the confines of our home. Materials normally used for their manufacture vary. Composite doors, as the name suggests, are made up of a wide variety of different materials and elements which are specifically chosen for qualities like durability and longevity. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride or uPVC doors, on the other hand, are made out of the singular substance that they are named after. While uPVC has its own advantages, composite doors seem to be more popular.

Whichever option you opt for, aesthetic style serves as the form to its function. While a door’s design may be dictated by how the structure looks, it’s extremely versatile. There are a whole host of different designs ranging from traditional to more contemporary styles. There is also a wide range of colours available, and you’ll find yourself with the right door for your home in no time.

As simple as they might appear, doors are as essential to making a house a home as everything else. They possess both form and function, giving the overall design of a house a touch of class and flavour that make it an inviting place to live in. They also provide protection from the elements, keep us safe and secure.

So, the next time you need to choose a new door for your home, make sure it fits the overall style of your home and reveals a little of your own personality.

Image: www.truedor.co.uk