What to look for when buying garden furniture

Just like home furniture, garden furniture comes in a wide range of materials, styles and finishes. Factors such as price and aesthetic appeal are all questions you must answer before you decide what furniture is best for you.

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Don’t know what type of outdoor furniture to buy?


With all the different styles of outdoor furniture available, you’ll probably find yourself a little overwhelmed. By looking at the furniture in your home, you should be able to get a good idea of what styles you like, and what you don’t like. For example, if your current décor is rustic, you might like Adirondack style furniture. If you are traditional, look at Iron and wicker furniture. If you like contemporary, you might like a chaise lounge, hammock and bar set with stools.


Are you sure your outdoor furniture is durable?


Outdoor furniture comes in an array of different materials – with prices to match. In most cases, the higher priced items are most durable. If your budget for outdoor furniture is limited, consider buying one piece at a time. You will find that items made from cast or wrought iron, cement, and stone are very durable. High quality wicker (coated) is also durable and lighter. If you prefer wood, remember that harder woods are better. Teak ages very well and actually looks better after some aging.


Don’t forget to take care of outdoor furniture!


High quality outdoor furniture can last for a very long time with proper care. The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you what kinds of detergents and cleaning methods to use. Some items need to be stored for protection during inclement weather. In these circumstances you may have to leave them in a room with an indoor heating system. Stone, iron and cement on the other hand, can stay outside year round.


Don’t have anywhere to store your outdoor furniture in the winter?


During the winter, you can incorporate you outdoor furniture into your indoor décor. No doubt your home can accommodate a few extra pieces inside during the cold season. Outdoor furniture can make excellent indoor furniture, if used correctly.


Can’t I just put my older indoor furniture outside?


While you can use indoor furniture outside, it is not meant to withstand the bright sun, rain, wind, and pests. Thick glass and marble will do well outside, but expect it to age at bit. As for the rest, you can use it outside for special occasions, but you will not want to make it a habit because your upholstered pieces can fade, and other wood items will break down faster.


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Kieran McVeigh has been operating his own gardening company for the past 20 years. He currently resides in Cornwall and specializes in commercial properties.