World-class wood lamps

The characteristic lamps from Secto has been praised almost since the beginning of their existence. Secto lamps are now a widely known designer brand, and the organic feel and Scandinavian lines are a clear testament to why


It is not an exaggeration to say, that Secto lamps has played a huge role in introducing wood as lamp material. The famous lamps are playing on their wooden tangents, making their material a key part of the design — if not the key.


Bring the wood to the table

The wooden Secto lamps really bring wood in to interior design, without it being neither clumsy, nor coarse. On the contrary, the design of Secto’s lamps connotes an almost spinal feel to the delicate wooden strings, placed neatly in formation, not unlike the skeleton of a bulkier lamp design.


The wood becomes something frail — but also something so organic, that the entire room seems to come alive when the light spread from the centered bulb.


From pendants to table lamps

Even though the more famous Secto lamps might be classical pendants, suitable for any big table, like dining tables and conference tables, Secto has many functional and highly elegant versions of lamps, both for tables, floor and walls.


The unique designs go well with simple interior design, letting the lamps take up visual space and truly give them justice.


Secto lamps should be considered functional works of art, allowing space around them to shine.


If you prefer the cylindrical shapes, Secto has a wide range of these, but don’t miss out on the original shapes that really stand out, making Secto an interesting acquaintance for everyone interested in design and interior decorating.


Secto’s true colors

Choosing a wooden lamp from Secto doesn’t necessarily mean, that you have to go with the wooden color. Of course, this is an option, letting the color, texture and feel of the wood dominate the lamp.


But if you like the material, but you are going for a more discrete — or a bolder — look, Secto lamps can be found in a variety of different shades and colors, ranging from the delicate birch, to soft white and even a statement black. With Secto’s line of exciting and original lamps, finding your new favorite lamp shouldn’t pose a big challenge. And with the use of good materials, you will be enjoying your lamp for decades to come.